The quest for the best NYC hamburger!

For almost a year now my boyfriend has been on a quest to find the best hamburger in NYC as we are both from Southern California and have grown up on In-N-Out. Brandon thinks that this is, hand down, the best burger! (and I would agree). Check out the picture the classic 4×4 burger. There are four juicy hamburger patties sandwiched between two perfect buns that are warm and toasted, lettuces, tomato, and whole grilled onions. This particular burger is missing their special In-N-Out sauce which is a perfect homemade thousand island.

In-N-Out burger (1 4x4 and a classic double double)

Since Brandon has been in NYC, we have pounded the pavement to find the best possible alternative to In-N-Out. We have tried several places. The ones to mention are: Good Burger, Burger Joint, and Johnny Rockets, however there has been one clear front runner.  Shake Shack has most of the In-N-Out elements that we are looking for in a hamburger. It is a moist juicy patty that is cooked until it is perfectly pink. It is sandwiched between the most delicious buns. They are almost brioche like and they have a wonderful texture that really brings the whole burger together. They add onion, tomato, and pickles upon request, so don’t forget to add them. They also have a wonderful mushroom burger that is to die for! It is a mushroom stuffed with cheese and then coated in panko and fried. It is amazing!

So, for now we will just have to make do with Shake Shack until we find the better alternative to In-N-Out… but according to Brandon, one does not exist!